definition of


"visitor traffic  rate  and  cumulative  quantity  thereof"

        Bandwidth is the technical descriptive term that identifies the rate of electronic traffic measured in bits per second, generated by your website.  This is the internet equivalent of measuring the rate of customer traffic through a store;  if that store is occupied by one customer during each second of the day, , then that store could be said to have a traffic rate of one customer per second and, if occupied by seventeen customers during each second of the day, that store would have a traffic rate of 17cps.  Because the unit of measure used for bandwidth, is the computer "bit" and not website visitors, , the rate of bandwidth used by a website, depends on both the quantity of your website visitors and which web pages those visitors peruse.

        Each time a visitor browses your website, information is transferred from your website to the visitor's computer screen and, the quantity of information transferred, is directly relative to the kind of information each individual webpage contains and the quantity of web pages that visitor browses.  This is the internet equivalent to a store customer that exits the checkout counter with only one item in the shopping cart or, a store customer that exits the checkout counter with the shopping cart full of many items.  Bandwidth, when calculated, reveals the per-second-rate of information delivered from your website to your visitors and in most instances, bandwidth varies constantly as the quantity of simultaneous visitors to your website, increases or decreases in accordance with the time of day, the season of the year relative to the merchandise your website offers, or even the day of the week, as caused by people reserving casual internet browsing time for their unemployed hours.

        Data Transfer is the cumulative quantity of information transferred to and from your website during a specific time period.  Data Transfer is measured in one month increments.  Data Transfer accumulates whenever information is added to your website via the up-dating of it's files and also, whenever information is transferred from your website to a viewer's computer screen.

        Friendly Computer Services includes unlimited bandwidth and data transfer with all Hired-Host packages and thus, does not measure individual customer's consumption thereof.  Self-Host packages include Bandwidth & Data Transfer consumption records and, Self-Host customers may be subject to additional fees if the amount of Bandwidth & Data Transfer used, exceeds the package inclusion.