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Search Engine Submission via

"inclusion of your website address in an internet directory"

        Internet directories are sometimes incorrectly identified as Search Engines.  In fact, an internet directory is the database in which websites are catalogued and, a Search Engine is the internet-accessible program that queries that database for websites that match the Search Engine user's search request.

        Some Search Engines have their own internet directory, such as and and, other search engines, such as, search other internet directories and do not maintain one of their own; thus, although it is possible for your website address to be included in an Internet Directory listing, it is NOT possible for any website address to be listed by a search engine.

        When a website address is listed within an Internet Directory, all Search Engines that utilize that directory, have access to that website and it's content and thus, that website address is search-engine accessible by internet browsers.

        Internet Directory listing can be accomplished by either of two ways, each of which have the same long-term result but, only one of which provides you, the website owner, with a detailed list of which Internet Directories listed your site and when, and how well your site ranks within that directory.

        The first and most time efficient method is listing by Link Referral, which is provided free by Friendly Computer Services.

        The second and time consuming method is listing by Link Submission, for which service, Friendly Computer Services charges $49 and provides a comprehensive report thereof, detailing the date your website was submitted to each Internet Directory and whether that Internet Directory accepted or rejected your website address.  This submission process includes the top-ten, non-fee-based Internet Directories globally, plus five more Internet Directories of your choosing.

        Because all Internet Directories receive thousands of requests for inclusion in their databases, it is normal for the submission process to span 6 to 10 weeks before completion and also, this submission process does not guarantee that your website shall be search engine accessible via all of the Internet Directories your website address was submitted to.  Each Internet Directory reserves the right to exclude your website address from it's database.

        All Internet Directories utilize computer programs called "robots" which verify the location and accessibility of all website addresses submitted for inclusion in their database.  Simultaneously, these robot programs follow each link contained on your website and peruse the information contained therein, making record as the robot program does so, of each word in your website, where it is located, and how many times that word occurs.  Also, these robot programs scan for illegal and offensive content and automatically delete website addresses that contain or link to such content.  This robot-program compiled index of your website, is then added to the Internet Directory's database and thereafter, your website is search engine accessible thereby.

        In order to keep their database content comprehensively accurate, on a regular basis, each Internet Directory sends it's "robot" to "re-crawl" through all of the pages of all the website addresses contained in it's database.  This repeat procedure results in the deletion of any website addresses that no longer exist and also, this procedure up-dates the database with any website additions or modifications.  The robot program "crawls" to any and all website pages that are linked to your website and simultaneously, the robot program "crawls" to your website pages from any other website that includes a link to your website.

       Listing by Link Referral is accomplished via PRISM PORTAL including your website address on our DESIGN page and also, including a link to PRISM PORTAL at the bottom of each of your website pages.  By doing this, your website address and all of the information on all of your website pages, automatically, is added to all Internet Directories that PRISM PORTAL is listed in, the next time each Internet Directory's respective robot program "crawls" through PRISM PORTAL's pages and from thence, accesses your site.  Also, because PRISM PORTAL has a long-standing listing with each Internet Directory, this referral linkage provides instant verification of the legitimacy of your website address and can result in your website address ranking considerably higher in Search Engine results.

        Some Internet Directories send their robot programs "crawling" every two to three weeks and other Internet Directories up-date their database only every few months but, in each instance, the Internet Directory gives a high priority to maintaining the accuracy of it's database via robot "crawling", and a relatively low priority to website addresses that are submitted manually, without referral from a present Internet Directory listed website.  

        Some of the most frequented global Internet Directories provide free inclusion of website addresses and, other Internet Directories charge for inclusion and, yet other Internet Directories charge not only for inclusion, , but a per-instance fee every time your website address is accessed via that directory listing.  Because Internet Directories and Search Engines frequently modify the services they offer and the fees they charge for them, it is not possible for Friendly Computer Services to maintain a constantly up-to-date list of which Search Engines and Directories your site may or may not be listed with.

        To find out if your website shall become accessible via a specific search engine following participation in PRISM PORTAL's Link Referral service, , go to that Search Engine's website and search for "prism portal"; if the PRISM PORTAL website address is featured in the search results you receive, then PRISM PORTAL is listed in the Internet Directory that Search Engine uses, in which instance, your website shall be searchable therein, after the respective robot program has up-dated that Internet Directory's database accordingly.

        Keep in mind that each Internet Directory ranks your website address based on it's individual popularity scale and, each Internet Directory utilizes it's own formula for calculating the relative popularity of similar content sites.  Also, all Internet Directories regularly delete from their database, website addresses that are deemed unnecessary because they are not frequently accessed.