definition of


"a  domain  name  internet  presence
 with  corresponding  eMail  address"

        Domain Address hosting of your website includes registration of and provides access to your website homepage thereby and one eMail address,, corresponding thereto.

        The included eMail address,, is globally accessible and, five other personalized communication channels may be established via use of up to five eMail forwards.

        The functionality of a Domain Address website may be further enhanced with use of up to ten sub-domain addresses;  for example, may be set up to provide direct access to an online page featuring your products, may access pages dedicated to family members and personal pursuits, may access a vacation travel dialogue and, all of these sub-domain addresses are individually accessible and totally search engine compatible and, do not require association or linkage from or to the homepage of

        Each of these sub-domain addresses accesses the homepage of the respective portion of your website but, all other pages contained within that sub-domain of your website, must be accessed via links or the respective PRISM PORTAL sub-directory address;  in other words, does not provide access to any page within your website.

        Each PRISM PORTAL hosted Domain Address website retains simultaneous accessibility via PRISM PORTAL sub-directory address;  in other words, and, both provide access to your homepage and, and both provide access to the same sub-domain homepage of your website and, any individual page within your website, can be specifically accessed in this way.

        PRISM PORTAL's Domain Address Hosting Package is the internet presence equivalent of a rented office tower or private estate within the World Wide Web community, complete with a private post office reserved exclusively for your correspondence, but, , although that office tower or private estate is accessed via your name and belongs to you for the purpose of presenting your information for the duration of the lease agreement, , the owner of that office space retains ownership thereof and responsibility for property maintenance, taxes, up-grades, installation of new or replacement fixtures, etc..

        The eMail address and eMail forwards provided with Domain Address Hosting, are set-up by PRISM PORTAL staff and thereafter, you can access, receive, and send eMail correspondence from any internet-connected computer, anywhere.