definition of


"a globally registered, unique internet website address"

        All website addresses must contain an internationally registered domain name to be globally accessible;  that registration links your chosen domain name to a unique Internet Protocol numeric address that identifies the specific computer location of your website.  To state it simply, each website address provides all of the same information to the computer accessing it, that a surface mail address provides to the processing department of a surface mail postal office, that information being the precise location where your website resides, whether that be next door, down the street, or in a different nation.


        As exampled herein above, the "www." prefix designates the website as being a World Wide Web internet presence;  with the constantly increasing expansion of the internet, the "www." prefix has become address specific, with some website addresses including it and other website addresses EXcluding it;  all PRISM PORTAL hosted websites are accessible with and without the "www." prefix, a prefix being specific characters of pre-assigned protocol that always are placed BEFORE instead of after whatever Domain Name, the suffix being that which follows.

        Each domain name consists of 67 or less alphanumeric characters, followed by another "."  Each domain name address requires registration and annual renewal thereof, as is included within PRISM PORTAL hosting packages 2 through 5.  A domain name address may be used for access to a website, a homepage, sub-domains, sub-directories, or specific files and, a domain name may have corresponding eMail addresses.

        Because of internet industry requirement, each domain name is followed by the corresponding suffix registered therewith, the suffix consisting of a two, three or more character abbreviation that designates the category or geographic location of that website's content.  Because the variety of domain name suffixes is perpetually increasing, the domain name suffixes detailed below, include only those most commonly hosted by Friendly Computer Services;  information on whatever other domain name suffix you prefer, including a firm quote on a Friendly Computer Services hosting package set-up and monthly hosting fee, is available on request.

Concerning Domain Name Suffixes:

".com" - is used to indicate either a COMPANY website that provides a specific product or service to consumers, or a COMMAND website that provides on-line representation for an official or authority

".net" - is used to indicate a NETWORK website that provides convenience of access or communication between individuals, businesses, or enterprise locations

".org" - is used to indicate an ORGANIZATION website that provides economical and globally accessible representation for it's membership and general information to the public concerning that organization's operation and purpose

".info" - is used to indicate an INFORMATION website that provides a knowledge base of general or subject specific information that may include a detailed collection of facts and data relating thereto

".biz" - is used to indicate a BIZness (phonetically correct spelling of "business") website that provides a specific product or service to consumers;  whereas ".com" is broadly indicative of any manner of company, , ".biz" more specifically indicates an eCommerce enabled, internet delivered product or service that is directly accessible to the browsing consumer

".ca" - is used to indicate a CANADIAN owned website

".cc" - is used to indicated a CANADIAN CONTENT website that features a distinctly Canadian enterprise, business, or individual

     Friendly Computer Services may provide Domain Name registrations through any one of various internationally recognized registrars, as dictated by your specific Domain Name suffix requirements and/or at the special request of a customer.  All Domain Name registrations processed by Friendly Computer Services, remain the property of the respective customer.

If a personally processed Domain Name registration is preferred,
Friendly Computer Services recommends the services of  Domain Direct :