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"up-grading your website for full-function electronic commerce"

        Electronic commerce occurs whenever whomever purchases or sells anything via a website.  Each eCommerce transaction has five elements:

       Successfully marketing your merchandise via the internet, does not necessitate that your website include eCommerce.  You may prefer to advertise your merchandise on-line but receive customer orders via toll-free telephone or fax numbers or via surface mail request.  This "off-line" purchasing may be necessary if the merchandise you market, is available in only limited quantities or, is so customized that each purchaser must discuss specific details before ordering.

        The disadvantage to "off-line" ordering is that it discourages customers by obligating them to note the details of what they desire to purchase, then disconnect from the internet, dial your telephone number, wait for your availability to answer their call, and then verbally submit the details of their order and payment information.  If your purchaser is located in a different time zone, it may not be convenient for that purchaser to telephone you during your business hours and, if your purchaser speaks a different language, it may prove nearly impossible for your purchaser to communicate with you.  Additionally, after the telephone transaction is concluded, the purchaser has no confirmation of what was ordered nor when it will arrive, and simultaneously, except for your notation of what the purchaser said, you have no confirmation that your merchandise was ordered, , whereas an eCommerce transaction provides both the merchant and the purchaser with a reviewable record of the transaction which can be referred to in the event any discrepancy arises.

        Because it provides both the seller and the purchaser with the personal security of credit privacy, Friendly Computer Services recommends as the internationally preferred internet clearing-house for eCommerce transactions.

Secure, On-Line Payment via your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit card. Visa ,MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

    For further information on the PayPal payment processing system, peruse the following links:
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     If a different eCommerce transaction method is preferred, arrangements may be negotiated by special request.