definition of


"the  introductory  screen  display  of  a  website"

        To be accessible, all web sites must have a home page. If your website does not have a home page, whenever a visitor attempts to access your website, the visitor shall view an error message instead of your website's content.

        The home page of a website is the internet equivalent of a book cover, or a store-front; in many instances, it is the first page that your website visitors shall view and, those visitors shall decide whether to browse your site further, based on the information contained on your home page.

        Thus, the home page must contain the personal or business identity that the website presents, in addition to describing what products, services, or information your website contains and, clearly defined links to that information, so that the website visitors can proceed directly to the information they seek.  Therefore, it is important that the home page be clear, concisely accurate, and quick loading, so that the visitor does not tire of waiting and browse elsewhere.

        After the visitor knows what your website contains and that it is of interest, then the visitor shall likely not mind waiting longer for subsequent pages to load, if whatever visitors have been reasonably assured by the home page content, that the resultant slow loading pages shall contain the information they seek.

        To summarize briefly, the website home page ought to contain the name or logo of the website owner, some easy to read descriptive text that summarizes that website's contents, a menu bar that provides convenient access to the website's other pages, and possibly some small, quick loading graphics/fotos that are pictorially descriptive of the website's content.

        Because it is likely that half or more of your website's visitors shall access your website by other than it's home page, , to maintain continuity throughout and ease of browser navigation, , it is expedient to have the same logo/name that is displayed on the home page, repeated as a header at the top of all other website pages and also, for ease of visitor navigation, it is common to repeat the menu bar that is on the home page, at the bottom or side of all subsequent pages.

        Visitor access is frequently by other than your home page, because of the global-database format of internet search engine function.  Like as when querying an electronic dictionary or database, your computer directs you to the page containing the information you searched for, , when queried, an internet search engine directs the browser to the page within your website containing the text the visitor has searched for, that not necessarily being the home page.

        The potential for attractive home page designs, is virtually limitless and PRISM PORTAL shall be pleased to design a uniquely attractive home page, featuring a customized combination of whatever text, colors, back-grounds, illustrations, and such special effects as animation, click-activated color changes, page-customized menus, graphically enhanced links, page borders, frames, etc., to harmoniously correspond with the presentation and promotion of your information.