definition of


"a  sub-directory  address  internet  presence",  is globally accessible and internet search engine and directory compatible; except for its appearance, the only difference between this sub-directory web address and an internationally registered domain name address, is the reduced cost to you, the customer, because of there being no annual registration renewal fees.

         To explain further, is the internet equivalent of a commercial real estate property and, is the internet equivalent of a suite of offices located within that commercial real estate property and, is the internet equivalent of your individual office within the suite of offices rented.  Thus, like as it may be more financially expedient to rent office space than to purchase your own office tower, , when establishing your internationally available virtual office on the World Wide Web, you may either purchase your own virtual office domain or, you may rent virtual office space via a sub-directory address.

        Note: Domain Name registrations such as for are purchased and renewed in non-refundable, one year increments and may not be altered or changed;  in other words, if you purchase and then decide you would prefer to have, , a new registration must be paid for and processed while the originally registered domain name remains in your ownership for one year, at the end of which time, unless renewed, your ownership thereof expires.

        If you desire to establish and develop your global internet presence without the commitment obligation of a long-term web address registration, a sub-directory address is a fully functional yet economical alternative and may be up-graded to a registered domain name at any time, by submitting a request to change your PRISM PORTAL hosting account accordingly.