definition of


"a subdivision of a registered, domain name website address"

        A sub-domain is a unique, search engine accessible website address.


        As exampled herein above, a sub-domain requires a domain name and thus, it is not possible to have a sub-domain address hosted by PRISM PORTAL, unless you have a domain name address, first.

        Sub-domains can increase the website visitor's ease in accessing specific portions of your website;  for example, may be set up to provide direct access to an online page featuring your products, may access pages dedicated to family members and personal pursuits, may access a vacation travel dialogue and, all of these sub-domain addresses are individually accessible and totally search engine compatible and, do not require association or linkage from or to the homepage of

        PRISM PORTAL hosting package 3 includes 10 sub-domain addresses at no extra charge and, hosting packages 4 and 5 can have a virtually unlimited quantity of sub-domains established.  Because of website hosting technical limitations, sub-domains are not available with hosting packages 1 and 2 and, the quantity of sub-domains included with package 3, cannot be increased.  Sub-Directory Addresses are an efficient and less costly alternative to sub-domains, provided without additional charge in packages 1, 2, 4, & 5, upon receival of customer's request.