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"comprehensive  statistical  record  of  website  visitor  traffic"

        Whereas a hit counter provides only a numeric record of the quantity of times any page or all pages of your website have been viewed, a TRAFFIC STATISTICS report reveals whether it was one visitor looking at the same website page many times or, many visitors, each viewing your home page once.

        Also, a Traffic Statistics report includes website visitor details, such as where each visitor came from, what pages of your website they browsed, whether they located your website via search engine, which search words and search engines were used to locate your website, and what time of day, month, week, and year, your website is most frequented.

        All PRISM PORTAL Traffic Statistics reports are compiled from comprehensive server-computer log files and, each Traffic Statistic report includes specific time coverage.  Although PRISM PORTAL provides Quarterly Reports free, , custom configured and on-request reports are billed as follows:  a 1-month report for $5CDN, a three-months report for $10CDN, and a one-year report for $20CDN.   

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