definition of


"the  physical  location  of  your  website  files"

        Web space is the physical area on the hard-drive of the server computer where your website pages are stored.  Web space is measured in megabytes and simultaneously, refers to the total quantity of information that can be stored therein.

        Web space may contain a few pages with a large amount of content or, many pages with a small amount of content;  additionally, web pages that contain graphics or fotos require considerably more storage space than web pages without graphic or foto content and thus, the quantity of web pages and the size of website that can be stored within one megabyte of web space, is directly relevant to the content of that website's pages.

        As a general approximation, each megabyte of web space is sufficient storage space for at least one and usually five or more, graphically illustrated web pages.  The quantity of web space allocated to your website, is expandable by up-grading your hosting package.

         See the WEBSITE page for further details.