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        Each Friendly Computer Services hosted website is custom designed to present each website owner's content information attractively and effectively, via exclusive use of only quick-loading, globally accessible, basic and special design elements.

        Because each website requires a specific design with such basic elements as background, type face, color theme, graphics, illustrations, and design enhancements that correspond with that website's content, , on receival of the customer's website content information, Friendly Computer Services prepares a custom designed, website home page presentation proposal and, after whatever customer requested modifications, Friendly Computer Services develops whatever additional website pages to correspond with that initial, website homepage design.

        Each of Friendly Computer Services website hosting packages include one hour of FREE design time;  customers whose home page designs may require more than one hour of preparation, receive a cost estimate before Friendly Computer Services proceeds and, in all instances, my work is subject to customer's satisfaction before payment in full is due.

        Regardless of which hosting package you choose, your web site can be modified with whatever desired up-dates, changes, alterations, etc., for $18CDN per hour of design time.

        If your prospective website is to represent a personal or commercial enterprise, Friendly Computer Services can customize your home page to include and/or correspond with whatever logos, designs, store front, catalogue, color theme, and/or trade show presentation, etc., or, I can create a custom design proposal after receiving nothing more than a summary of the information you desire your website to contain or appear as.

        Note that because the foremost purpose of a website, is to present and promote the content thereof, , some Friendly Computer Services designed websites, feature a dark background to more appropriately "show-case" the contents.  From a professional perspective, it is essential that the background color choice in no way conflict with the content to be displayed thereon and, where the illustrations include a wide variety of color-content, a dark background more appropriately enhances the illustrations thereof, similar to that of a darkened movie theatre or art gallery, drawing the viewer's attention to that which is on display.  Conclusively, although I may suggest whatever presentation color choice, in all design decisions, the customer's preferences prevail in determining the finished appearance of their website. 

Click the following links to browse thru' some of the
websites designed and hosted by
Friendly Computer Services

is a Domain Address website,
the internet presence of
Heather Douglas Photography,
located in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada.


is the Sub-Directory Address website

for the

Manitoba Quarter Horse Assoc. Sanctioned
Interlake Classic AQHA Horse Show,
Eriksdale, Manitoba, Canada


is the Sub-Directory Address,
eCommerce enabled website of Ewesful  Fiber  Arts
a globally accessible fiber arts
products & supply emporium
located in Maryland, U.S.A.


is a Domain Address website,
the internet presence for the
Muskoka Yarn Connection retail store, located in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada.


is an eCommerce enabled,
Domain Address website,
the internet presence of
a globally accessible needlecraft
products & supply emporium
located in Manitoba, Canada


is the Sub-Directory Address website
of Tameilya Renae, proprietor of
Rock Island Dimension Dairy Goats,
Manitoba, Canada