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 for any topic, any where on the world wide web, , if Google cannot locate what you seek, it is because it does not yet exist.  To take full advantage of Google's services, download the FREE Google Toolbar, , or the full Google PACK for an even wider range or nifty software gadgets, ranging from count-down timers and desktop clocks, to weather reports, stock market updates, the latest headlines, screensavers, etc..  To view the latest additions to Google's free software, , click MORE beneath the Google logo on any Google home page;  then, click a title to view details . . .   


Project Gutenberg

from the biographies of such historical greats as Benjamin Franklin, Theodore Roosevelt, and Booker T. Washington, through the true-to-life tales of Harriet Beecher Stowe, Harold Bell Wright, Horatio Alger, and Gene Stratton Porter, to the classics of Louisa May Alcott, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Frances Hodgson Burnett, and William Shakespeare, including various un-usual literary works such as the personal accounting of Roald Amundsen's Norwegian Antarctic Expedition, the Woman's Institute Library of Cookery, a Manual of Gardening, a History of the Philippine Islands, etc..  Complete volumes download in less than five minutes on even a slow, dial-up modem connection; the downloaded files are in convenient text format that can be re-sized for easy on-screen reading or printed out.  Since 1971, Project Gutenberg has maintained the first and largest collection of free electronic books, now numbering more than twelve thousand volumes in thirty-one languages.




quickly search all six and one half million words of The Columbia Encyclopedia, or search amongst the more than twenty thousand entries in the Encyclopedia of World History;  check spelling and definitions within the ninety thousand entries of the Heritage Dictionary, , hunt synonyms in Roget's Thesaurus, , or look up the source and definitions of your choice amongst sixty five thousand quotations.



Microsoft Encarta

browse thousands of illustrated articles on everything from art, language, and literature, to life science, history, geography, technology, sports, hobbies, and pets and for instant off-line access to an even greater wealth of information, , Microsoft Encarta on CD or DVD is well worth the investment.



Staples Business Depot

a comprehensive selection of office essentials and specialty extras, whether for a scholar's desk, a business executive, or any home office, Staples Business Depot carries internationally renowned brand name and quality in-house brand products with reasonably priced, extended warranty plans





purchase virtually any in-print book or current software program
and have it delivered within a few business days



More subjects shall be added from time-to-time;  if you have searched unsuccessfully and desire some help, send your request to Tammy@friendlycomputerservices.ca and for a mere $5 Canadian, the search for and location of the most popular source of your desired subject, shall be accomplished;  for $7, you'll receive the top three website sources and for $10, the top ten sources but regardless, , if your subject cannot be found, you'll owe absolutely nothing and for free, your request shall be posted on this website in hopes that whomever else shall see the need and provide that information for you.